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The Future of Real Estate Is

Agent Owned!

Generate More Income By Doing What You Already Do!

It's really that simple: more income leads to more business. When agents pay their brokerage a significant percentage of their earnings, this limits their ability to invest in marketing and advertising, which are essential for growing their business. However, by joining Brokers Guild Real Estate, agents can eliminate these fees and on average, triple their income. This means new agents can save up to $30,000 and more in fees. But that's just the beginning. By joining Brokers Guild Real Estate, agents can build a lifetime business, increase their profitability, and create a unique personal brand. Discover how you can achieve efficiency, profitability and personal branding with Brokers Guild Real Estate.


The Best Work Comes From Vision 

Our care and concern for each other go beyond professionalism. We take a personal interest in the well-being of our peers and clients. Our company is built upon a culture of achievement, encouragement, and kinship.

Experience & Wisdom Is Meant To Be Shared

We at Brokers Guild Real Estate bring over four decades of experience to the table, and we're eager to share our knowledge with you. Our team of expert employing brokers, branch managers, and support staff are here to help you grow your real estate business.

"We operate on the principle that one person’s success is the success of all of us, that it elevates our standing as a whole—and so, we work together to encourage and inspire achievement. That’s the kind of business culture that is far from commonplace, and it’s something we all treasure”. 
- LP Finn

Notepad on Desk

When You are Ready to Invest Your Current Splits into "Your Business"

Consider Brokers Guild Real Estate,
You Will Be Glad You Did. 

Marketing Center

All-inclusive BG Marketing Center for Brokes Guild Real Estate agents. 

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