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  • Paying expensive brokerage fees increases agent success.
    FALSE It minimizes the agent's ability to create more business. Agents must realize that the money they paid into their brokerage could have been used for marketing, advertising, and branding their business.
  • Paying expensive brokerage fees means I will get more business.
    FALSE Quality brokerage-provided leads, marketing, and advertising are extremely rare, and "tools systems" are a dime a dozen ... very easy to find, ordinary, and commonplace at a fraction of the cost.
  • Paying expensive brokerage fees will be reinvested back into my business.
    FALSE Real estate brokerages seldom reinvest money paid by the agent back into the agent's business. This reason alone is why agents find it difficult and frustrating to have any marketing, advertising, or branding budget after all brokerage expenses are paid.
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