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Our Model Sells Itself!

#1 Agent Income Brokerage


Colorado Real Estate Since 1978

Brokers Guild Real Estate takes pride in providing positive, friendly, and trustworthy services to home buyers and sellers. Unlike other brokerages, we do not charge our clients exorbitant fees, and our agents are not subject to any corporate restrictions that might limit their income. Our agents are free to work with both buyers and sellers, which is what being a professional real estate agent is all about.

As the top residential real estate brokerage for agent income, we empower our agents by giving them more time and money to advertise and market their business. Our unique income-driven model ensures that our agents do not have to worry about being bombarded with endless fees. We have been practicing this since 1978, and we firmly believe that the future of real estate is here.


We prioritize our agents' income so that they can focus on their business without any financial worries. We believe in compensating our agents for their hard work and ensuring that they earn more than they would at other brokerages. Our agents do all the work, and we make sure they receive the compensation they deserve.

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